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Galton, 1971b


From Yaverland
90 cm (3 feet)

Maniraptora, Gauthier, 1986

Yaverlandia bilothus Galton, 1971b

Wessex Formation

A small Maniraptoran theropod, Yaverlandia would have hunted small creatures, such as mammals, lizards and insects.
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The only known Yaverlandia fossil was found in the Upper Silty Bed, Wessex Formation, at Yaverland point, near Sandown and not far from Dinosaur Isle

Description of Material

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Yaverlandia is only known from a partial skull roof comprising both frontals and parts of the right postorbital and left orbitosphenoid. The frontals are thickened, albeit mildly compared to most pachycephalosaurs, and display low "domes". The frontal is not excluded from the edge of the orbit by the prefrontal, and the supratemporal fenestra is not constricted to any extent by the postorbital. The dorsal surface is pitted, especially rostrally. However, Yaverlandia lacks shared-derived features in common with pachycephalosaurs, and most people who examine the material have noticed this. Recent work has shown Yaverlandia to be a maniraptoran theropod, more of which at a later date...

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