Vectocleidus, an Isle of Wight pliosaur


an Isle of Wight pliosaur


Wight clavicle


3 metres (10 ft)


Sauropterygia Owen, 1860
Plesiosauriade Blainville, 1835
Leptocleididae White, 1940

Vectocleidus pastorum


Somewhere in the Vectis Formation, between Cowleaze Chine and Shepherds Chine.

Leptocleidid plesiosaurian with autapomorphic dorsal neural spines that are anteroposteriorly short, and successive spines alternate between being transversely compressed, and being expanded to the right. V.ectocleidus additionally differs from Leptocleidus superstes in having more gracile clavicles and the anterior process of the coracoid is inflected anterolaterally. The posterior cervical centra are shorter anteroposteriorly than high dorsoventrally, differing from Brancasaurus

If rough comparison with the Leptocleidus superstes at the Natural History Museum is accurate, Vectocleidus was nearly 50% smaller, making it the smallest leptocleidid on record!

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