The Dinosaurs - Vectiraptor, an Isle of Wight dromaeosaur theropod


an Isle of Wight dromaeosaur theropod

Vectiraptor Restoration


Vectis Thief


2.5 – 3 metres (9 feet)


Dromaeosauridae Matthew and Brown 1922
Eudromaeosauria Longrich and Currie 2009

Vectiraptor greeni, Longrich, Martill and Jacobs 2021

Vectiraptor can be identified by it’s dorsal vertebrae, which feature deep, triangular infradiapophyseal fossae, divided by accessory lamina in anterior dorsals, deep infrapostzygapophyseal fossae. There is extensive pneumatization of vertebral column including dorsal centra, with small pleurocoels anteriorly, large, elliptical pleurocoels posteriorly, and camellate internal architecture; massive neural spines with broad ligament scars. The dorsal vertebrae have large neural canals. The sacrum has a massive neural canal, with a ventral groove that does not extend the full length of the sacrum, and the sacral centra are not pneumatized.