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Huene, 1923
Thecocoelurus cervical vertebra


Sheath hollow form
7 metres (25ft)

Oviraptorsauria, Barsbold, 1976

'Thecocoelurus daviesi' (Seeley, 1888)

Wessex Formation

'Thecocoelurus' is a large Oviraptorsaur theropod, which if it is like other oviraptorsaurs had no teeth, although this does not mean it was incapable of carnivory. It almost certainly had feathers.
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Brighstone Bay, it's as good as anywhere else...

Description of Material

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The only known specimen of 'Thecocoelurus' is the anterior part of a cervical vertebra, which is projected to have been 90mm in length. This specimen shares features with oviraptorosaurs and therizinosaurs, but has no defining features of its own, but is more similar to oviraptorosaurs as therizinosauroids have more robust neural spines and slit-shaped pneumatic foramina, whereas oviraptorosaurs have rounded foramina. .

Material is rare, so please report it if you find some...

How do I know if I've found a bone?

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