The Dinosaurs - Ornithopsis, an Isle of Wight Brachiosaur

Ornithopsis, an Isle of Wight Brachiosaur

brachiosaur skeleton




Between 15 (49 ft) and 18m (60 ft)


Brachiosauridae Riggs, 1904

‘Ornithopsis hulkei’ Seeley, 1870


Brighstone Bay, which is quite vague, but is the best we can offer…

The only definitely identified specimens are an imperfect posterior dorsal vertebra, a right pubis and ischium. The vertebra has no distinguishing features that are not present in other brachiosaurs. The pubis has a distinct rounded foot at its distal end, which is also seen in Brachiosaurus, and in the ischium the dorsoventral length of the pubic articulatory surface is longer than the distance from the anteroproximal corner of the pubic process to the posterior edge of the bone. However, it is likely that the pelvic elements are not associated

Material is rare, so please report it if you find some…

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