LEGO Isle of Wight Dinosaurs – Hypsilophodon

Lego Hypsilophodon

Make your own LEGO model of the Isle of Wight’s very own Hypsilophodon!


LEGO Hypsilophodon



an Isle of Wight Hypsilophodontid



High-Ridged Tooth


2 metres (6 foot)


Hypsilophodontidae Dollo, 1882

Hypsilophodon foxii Huxley, 1869


Brighstone Bay, in the aptly named Hypsilophodon beds. This is a bed a short distance west of Barnes High, just below a bed of White Sandstone. They are found in 1 metre (3½ feet) of mottled red and blue clay.

Hypsilophodon has five premaxillary teeth separated by step from maxillary row with 10 or 11 teeth, 13 or 14 on dentary. The enamelled medial surface of a dentary tooth has a strong central ridge that is absent on the lateral surface of a maxillary tooth. The narial openings are completely separated by anterior process of the premaxillae. The maxilla features a large antorbital recess or depression plus a row of large foramina. The jugal does not make contact with the quadrate. A large fenestrated quadratojugal borders the lower temporal opening.

Hypsilophodon has five or six sacral ribs, the additional one borne on the anterior part of the first sacral vertebrae. The scapula is the same length as the humerus. There is an obturator process on the middle of the ischium. The femur is recognised by the following combination of characters; fourth trochanter on proximal half, lesser trochanter triangular in cross section with a shallow cleft separating it from the greater trochanter, practically no anterior condylar groove and posteriorly outer condyle almost as large as inner. The femur can be distinguished from Valdosaurus as Hypsilophodon has a straight femur, as opposed to a curved one. The foot has a well-developed hallux, which lead to the misinterpretation about lifestyle.

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