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The website of Dinosaur Farm Museum, the most convenient museum for checking your finds, and features information on some of the more well known dinosaurs on the Island.
The "official" Isle of Wight dinosaur museum's website, with some information on dinosaurs of the island and the latest island dinosaur news. Also has some activities for children and information about geology, events and the girls who work on the tills.
Not the one from the book, but the BBC's online guide, which has quite a lot on Isle of Wight Dinosaurs, possibly the second biggest resource on the internet after DinoWight.
Channel 4 show that "unearthed" Caulkicephalus material on the Isle of Wight. Also features information from other digs. The show was a bit disappointing, but the website's quite good, if only because DinoWight is on their resources page!
The people involved with the BBC dig. Note they mention that six sites were planned, when there were only five televised, relating to the local legend of the "Barnes High Iguanodon bernissartensis", which was cancelled due to a disagreement with the landowners over permission!
A key-stage 2 workpack on dinosaurs, which is free to print and use in school projects.
I don't usually do adverts, but this is the page for "La pêche du Baryonyx", of which the postface was written by the author of DinoWight. Ooh, I'm so proud...

Nothing to do with this DinoWight, apart from having the same name, but a brief guide to the dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight. I believe this is adapted from an article originally printed in Wightlife Magazine in 2008 (which I mentioned in my personal blog, and can be read in it's entirety HERE.)

Yes, I thought that too. This is the dinosaur page for the Isle of Wight Natural History and Archaeological Society.They claim to provide "More than factual information" (which may be a dig at DinoWight, although someone less restrained than myself might point out that they actually provide less-than-factual information), and they have been causing trouble, not least due to their appropriation of the url but also creating a senior synonym for Caulkicephalus.

Simon Clabby 2006
The dinosaur section is not exhaustive, or mostly relevant, but then this is THE museum in the UK for dinosaurs, so it has to be here!
Every post made on the Dinosaur Mailing List, with answers to questions about all sorts of dinosaur-related subjects.
The international dinosaur webzine read in more than 80 countries
A palaeo-art website, this is probably one of the best, with lots of skeletal reconstructions and even a handy guide to musculature!
The Official BBC dinosaur website, which used to have information on "Live from Dinosaur Island", but the Isle of Wight bit has now closed down. Still worth a look though!
Fossils from the UK and Fossil collecting Locations in the UK, including where to find, how to access and what to find.
Simon Clabby 2006
"The largest Ferry and Tour operator, offering the most sailings and quickest car ferry routes to the island", so the website says, and I agree!
The unofficial Isle of Wight website, with information on accommodation, tourist areas and local businesses. DinoWight was one of their featured sites in December 2001.
Another unofficial Isle of Wight website, which has some information on local collectors and the dinosaurs, although it was written many years ago, and misses some more recent stuff out.
Timetables and other stuff, to get you out to the localities, although there is no longer a bus route to most of the south-west coast.
The fastest way over to the Isle of Wight, but not the cheapest.
Weather website for the Isle of Wight, but you'd probably already worked that out! Vitally important Tide Times are available from this site!
Simon Clabby 2006
A very comprehensive guide to the geology of Dorset. Also has stuff on the Isle of Wight.
Hampshire County Council website, dedicated to the geology. Mentions the Isle of Wight, and mentions the Barremian by name, which made it stand out for me.
The website of the University of Bristol's Palaeofiles, of which the Solnhofen Limestone webpage was designed by the editor of DinoWight. Also full of useful information- give it a look!
A nearly complete list of all the Mesozoic mammals known to science, a smaller list of all the dinosaurs of Dorset and one of the Maddest geological histories known to man, all written by Trevor Dykes, the serial guest-book signer (See guestbook) and friend of DinoWight.
"A resource for people interested in this group of fossil animals. It is intended as a first stop source for researchers and it will help locate information about pterosaurs". Does exactly what it says on the tin, and has some Isle of Wight pterosaurs, as well as a photo of the skull of Tapejara welnhoffer, taken by the editor of DinoWight.
This page is a rather ambitious attempt to list all there is to know about plesiosaurs on the internet. The genus list is still under construction, but this site features essays on plesiosaur feeding methods, locomotion and evolution. As with the Pterosaur Database, this page also includes photos, both of specimans and other interesting things, such as plesiosaur toys. The creator of this site has contributed to DinoWight.
The website of the Bristol Dinosaur Project, a project dedicated to the preparation, preservation and study of Thecodontosaurus, a prosauropod dinosaur found in Bristol, Somerset, and share their knowledge and skills with the public at events in and around Bristol.
Darren Naish is probably the biggest expert on dinosaurs that I know, and his blog is one of the best places to find out all about news in the world of vertebrate palaeontology. Previous topics have included Dinosauroids, Wealden Sauropods and Bigfoot, something for everyone, although there are a lot of posts about birds.
Homepage of Tracy Ford, alovely chap, an excellent artist and owner of the largest palaeontological library of papers in the world (probably)
Fossil sellers, as well as postcards, prints and other stuff. Also a lot of information about one of the Isle of Wight's dinosaurs. Can you guess which one?
Website selling palaeontological books, based on the Isle of Wight
These people make and sell casts of dinosaur skeletons. Run by Octavio Matteus.
A website with technical stuff about geology, a geology forum and tutorials.
A shop selling plesiosaur paraphenalia, books and toys. Part of the Plesiosaur Directory
Simon Clabby 2006
On-line Journals
Please note that many of these require passwords, so unfortunately most of you will not have access. However, if you are a student, you may have an Athens account. Some of these are free, but remember that they are provided only for study purposes, and so no attempt to copy and sell them should be made, as this is a breach of copyright.
The DinoWight Yahoo Group, with a mailing list and most importantly, papers relevant to the Isle of Wight. Requires membership, but this is free.
A fantastic collection of papers dating back centuries, includes many of the first descriptions of Wealden Dinosaurs, including Mantells 1825 paper on Iguanodon, as well as more up-to-date papers. Requires Athens password.
Up-to-date journals, including Cretaceous Research. Requires Athens password.
Up-to-date journals, including Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. Requires password.
Journal of the Palaeontological Association, with quite a bit of Isle of Wight stuff. All free
Journal of the American Museum of Natural History. All free
Simon Clabby 2006
An interesting project, an interactive Earth. There will be a "World of Dinosaurs" addition, one of the consultants being the creator of DinoWight!
You can look up lots of dinosaurs on this, and find out where they are stored, once you sort out how to use the interface.
An official website for the palaeontological research (or should that be resaearch!) group at the University of Portsmouth, in association with the Portsmouth News. Next to nothing here, but there are some amusing games, and a 3D rotatable wireframe stegosaur, which can provide seconds of fun.
An unusual site, featuring dioramas made from the various dinosaur toys the site author has in his collection. It also has a page dedicated to the Wealden, and there are some unusual toys on show, including Burgess Shale fauna!
An excellent map site, with aerial photographs of most of the UK. Probably not as good as Google Earth, but you don't need to download anything to run it
Most dinosaur hunters love biscuits, but apparently so did dinosaurs themselves! See "genuine" fossil dinosaur biscuits, hear the song, and learn more! The author is a contributor to DinoWight.
A lot of arty things, including a lot of dinosaurs. The author is a contributor to DinoWight.
Dinosaur Art. The author is a contributor to DinoWight.
Part of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Earth edition), reviewing the BBC's Live from Dinosaur Isle TV series. They didn't like it.
Fairly pointless here, but I've included it because they seem to think DinoWight and Dinosaur Isle are the same thing. Silly people!
Simon Clabby 2006

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