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Lepidotes Agassiz 1832


From Bernissart (in Belgium)

Hybodontidae Owen 1846

Lepidotes sp.

Wessex and Vectis
This fish was probably a mollusc eater, feeding on mussels at the bottom of the lakes within which it lived. In turn, it is known that this fish made up part of the diet of Baryonyx.
Between Compton Grange and Hanover Point.

Description of Material

Lepidotes is known from teeth and scales from the Isle of Wight. The teeth are sub-spherical, with no ornamentation other than a single apical tip, making a tear-drop in lateral view, but may display wear facets. The scales are diamond shaped, and have a shiny black appearance due to the enamel. On the off chance you have the correct technology, Lepidotes scales can be distinguished from similar scales from the Gar fishes in thin-section; Lepidotes scales have three layers, bone, dentine and enamel from the bottom up, as opposed to just bone and enamel, with no dentine layer between.

Simon Clabby 2006

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