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Name: Tom
Occupation: IT
Location: IOW
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: Friend
Question/Comment: Great site, just a pitty it has to be by geocities!! Go and talk to Netguides to host it!! get your own domain!!

Thanks for your praise, but I'm fairly happy at GeoCities, plus I cannot afford to have my own domain. DW

Name: Matt
Occupation: Pachycephalosaur fanatic
Location: Viriginia

E-mail: stygimoloch84
Web address:
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: Found it myself
Question/Comment: I saw you accidentally put valdosaurus instead of Yaverlandia at one place on the Yaverlandia description

Well, it was the end of a long day, and I was tired...DW

Name: elipsemultimedia (Strange name...DW)
Occupation: internet
Spain / Barcelona
Web address:
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: Found it myself
Question/Comment: good site, is good to learn about this old criatures.

Hello Mr elipsemultimedia, Thanks for the praise!Nice to see the web-providers out for a free advert are at least trying to look like they found this page on GeoCities because they found the site informative... Still, I don't approve, and so I have deactivated the links. Ha Ha. DW

Name: Rachel Robins
Occupation: moooooooooo
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: from matt
nice pictures and i loved the biscuits but more to the point i know where you can feed badgers smarties and get away with it!

You are a mad woman. DW

Name: james joiner
Occupation: fishing
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: i found it looking for the special islands shark
this is a good website

Thankyou. As for the sharks, I hope you aren't hoping to catch one of the sharks on DinoWight, as they are all extinct...DW

Name: martin munt
Occupation: curator
dinosaur isle museum
have just read your insulting comments about our museum, also i note you have used our logo without our consent. What do you know of the museums brief

This is a pity, as I am quite fond of the museum, and have a great respect for the staff there, who are helpful and polite whenever I am there. DW

Name: Randy
Occupation: DBA
Alexandria virginia
Web address:
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: serach engine
Question/Comment: Nice site I was especially interested in the WWD Ornithocheirus. How about Callovosaurus and Megalosaurus? Dont you have some bones on Wight?

Thankyou Randy. I am also interested in the Walking With Dinosaurs Ornithocheirus, so if anyone out there has one, let me know. As to the Callovosaurus and Megalosaurus, Meg I've mentioned before (see here), and Callovosaurus is Jurassic, and is found on the mainland only. DW

Name: David
Occupation: Undergraduate Geology Student
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: Found it while browsing the web.
Question/Comment: How about setting up digs on the island and advertising on your site. Get like minded people together.

Well, I would love to do that, but it would require a level of organisation that I don't have the time to undertake. You might want to contact Dinosaur Farm Museum, who sometimes have digs going on...DW

Name: Tom
Occupation: Student
Exeter, England
Question/Comment: hi guys my favourite dinosaur is the deinonychus. well good!

Name: jade
Web address: <>
Question/Comment: I saw ur site and am very impressed with the content.I could navigate easily and enjoyed surfing ur site.I visited the site <> last week and i felt it to be great!

So "Jade", What makes you think that visitors to a website about dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight want to start filling their lungs with shoddy foreign fags. If you ever actually come back to read this, you will probably notice that I've changed the links so that it sends people to the British Cancer Research website, so any chance of you getting visitors to your frankly dodgy website are none, and the same goes to anyone else who thinks that DinoWight will do free adverts for morally dubious websites and deals. DW

Name: Josee
Occupation: Tourism
Web address:
Where did you hear about DinoWight?:
Question/Comment: Very good info..... will come back

Glad you like it! DW

Name: Daniel Rosenthal
Occupation: Software Engineer
U.S. (Los Angeles, CA)
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: Yahoo dinosaur website
Question/Comment: My special interest is sauropods. They dissappear from North America about 100my ago, but reappear about 72my ago. Jurasic families: Camarasaurs, Diplodocids, Diplodocids, Brachiosaurs. Early Cretaceous: Brachiosaurs. Late: Titanosaurs (From S.A.?...

Interesting. Shame you ran out of space...DW

Name: Mr Adam
Occupation: researcher
Web address:
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: I was there from the start... (likewise to your website; I took the picture of the plesiosaur head that appears on every single page!)
Question/Comment: Glad to see dinowight is so popular, and deservedly so! And at last the photos of the Islands plesiosaur _Leptocleidus_, are on show (if a little blurry). very good! I would write more if there wasnt a word limit - damn geocities!

Well, I didn't take the pictures, so I can't say anthing about it, except that they were taken using a normal point-and-shoot camera with no focusing facility. If you still want to complain, take it up with Langan. As to problems with the word limit, you know how to contact me, surely... DW

Name: theant70
Occupation: student
john day fossil beds Oregon USA
E-mail: theant70@pcez
Web address: John Day fossil beds.Org (it doesn't work DW)
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: Popped up on #1 on google search
Question/Comment: I wish there was a place to submit finds from places around the world. I would gladly submit photos of die casts of fossils I found

If I had the time, I would. By the way, if you ever read this, Your website address doesn't work. Nice to see I'm No. 1 on Google...DW

Name: wormster35
Occupation: student
Back of the Wight
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: google
Question/Comment: How about time and dates for the entries your guest book?

It never really seemed important to me, but I'll consider it. If it means that much to you, yours arrived in my mailbox on Monday the Third of May, 2004 at about 23:43:59 (British Summer Time). DW

Name: Carl Tinkler
Occupation: Environmental Studies Coordinator
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: google

Name: olorotitan

Possibly the shortest guestbook entry I've ever had! DW

We've had some trouble with the Guestbook recently, so entries written recently haven't been posted. If you sent a message and I haven't replied, please re-send it.

Simon M. Clabby

DinoWight - The Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight

Name: stephen hutt
Occupation: palaeontologist
dinosaur isle
Web address:
Question/Comment: The discovery of a sauropod on the Phillips farm was not made by them but by me. Otherwise a good website.

Fair enough, consider it corrected. Glad you like the site, it means a lot to me. By the way, I didn't post your e-mail address as I felt you might want to keep it private...DW

Name: Øyvind M. Padron
Location: Norway

Web address:

Where did you hear about DinoWight?: I just found it
Question/Comment: This site hasnt got half the attention it deserves. It is serious, and technical, and should be known amonst the top dinosaurs sites online. Nuff said. Keep it up and going!

You know, it's comments like this that make all this work worthwhile. DW

Name: Mona Albano
Occupation: Technical Writer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Web address:
Where did you hear about DinoWight?: dinosaur mailing list
Question/Comment: What a nice site! I enjoyed looking at the fossils and pictures, and the nice, clear footprints. I enjoy your sense of humour, as well.

Thankyou. DW

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