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Name : Zena Moore

Occupation : IT

Location : Fleet, Hants

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : Isle of Wight Homes website

[ Isle of Wight Homes? Well, it looks like DinoWight gets everywhere! DW]


Name : Paul Pursglove

Occupation : Lecturer

Location : Stoke-on-Trent, UK

E-mail : PPursglove@aol.

Web address :

Question/Comment : Improvements have resulted in a very professional site. I am impressed. The pterosaur database link is wrong, Regards, Paul

[Glad you like it! The link is now changed, by the way. DW]


Name : Vladimír Socha

Occupation : student

Location : Czech republic

E-mail :

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : Dinosauricon

Question/Comment : Neat site! I'm a dinosaur enthusiast from middle Europe. I've heard a lot about Isle of Wight fossils (esp. Eotyrannus) but didn't know there's also a web site about it. Keep up good work.

[Thankyou! Yes, Eotyrannus did get a lot of press coverage, but then that's what you get if you're related to the most famous dinosaur in the world (No, not Barney, T. rex). DW]


Name : Dave Brockhurst

Occupation : Plant Operator

Location : Bexhill-East Sussex

E-mail :

Web address :

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : surfing

Question/Comment : Still have'nt got round to publishing my Polacanthus find,have a look at the web page for some photo's.Since last update have found 9 more caudals.


Name : Adam Stuart Smith

Occupation : Student

Location : Coventry

E-mail :

Web address : (Sea saur, as in See-Saw. Clever eh? I actually came up with the witty last bit of this address for Adam in the pub, a location where much of my best work has been done! DW)

Question/Comment : Just a note to say how impressed I am with the new animated logo!

[Thanks. It took me…ooh…minutes! I can still remember the one you had on Dinobiscuits, with all those flashing images guaranteed to give visitors epileptic fits. When are you getting one for your new website, The Plesiosaur Directory? DW]


Name : Alastair Ruffell

Occupation : sedimentologist

Location : belfast

E-mail :

Web address :

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : Jim Hendry

Question/Comment : I need someone to sample the Lower crioceras beds at Whale Chine - publication guaranteed! Any volunteers?

[(After re-reading the content of the message, having first erroneously believed it to be from yet another student asking for all the answers and sending an e-mail reply saying as much) Unfortunately, I am unable to help myself, but if any of DinoWights Isle of Wight-based fans can help, then I'm sure that you'll hear from them. Sorry! (note to self- READ THE ENTRIES BEFORE REPLYING!) DW]


Name : efosa iyamu

Occupation : clergy

Location : lagos

E-mail : Withheld by DinoWight (14/9/02)

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : from a friend in church (? DW)

Question/Comment : i love this site and i want to hear more about people i want to meet people. if you have my email please mail me

[Well, to be honest this isn't really the place for advertising for pen-pals, but if people want to chat with this person, then the e-mail address is above. I still can't see what a clergyman from Africa found interesting about a Isle of Wight website about dinosaurs. DW]


Name : Trevor Dykes

Occupation : Dubious Business Buster

Location : on a chair

E-mail :

Web address :

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : How to Become Rich Dotcom

Question/Comment : Fraud Warning! Vicar from Nigeria, with no comment about dinos and a free yahoo email address... Efosa is a con-artist and wishes to steal money.

[Cripes! Thanks for the warning, Well spotted Trevor. As you can see above, I have removed the e-mail address for our money grabbing vicar. I should have realised really, as most of the e-mails I receive about extracting the money from the bank account of the five million Americans who die in a plane crash in Nigeria seem to come from Lagos or Togo. Mind you, I have a free e-mail address, so what does that say about me? DW]


A Message from DinoWight- The Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight

As you may have read in the previous entry, certain people are using DinoWight to try and get money out of people. I will not tolerate this sort of behaviour, and so from now on all entries asking for contact addresses or pen pals will be checked and filtered. I'm sorry that I have to do this, as of the 48 entries to date, only one has been of this nature, but as DinoWight is used by minors I have to ensure that everything involved is safe for them to use.


S. M. Clabby

DinoWight- The Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight


Name : Erika González

Occupation : Graphic designer

Location : México

E-mail :

Web address :

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : search engine

Question/Comment : I enjoyed my visit to your very nice website.You have a lot to offer

[Thankyou. DW]


Name : Joanne Hyun

Occupation : elementry school

Location : marysville,OH

Where did you hear about DinoWight? :

Question/Comment : Whats the length of an Iguanodon? Tell me a lot about the Iguanodon

[Iguanodon comes in many sizes, the longest being 13 metres, or 42 feet. More information on Iguanodon can be found here, but if some of the information is a bit technical (Which a lot of it is!) then here goes.
Iguanodon is a large(ish) bird-hipped dinosaur, which is known from every country on Earth. It ate plants, especially ferns and conifers. Originally discovered in England in 1824 by Gideon Mantell, it was believed to be a large iguana, with a horn on it's snout. Later work showed the horn was a spike on the thumb, which may have been used for defence against meat eating dinosaurs.
If you want any more information, may I suggest using your school library, as Iguanodon was mentioned in almost every dinosaur book I had as a child, and I believe that the situation has remained the same. DW]


Name : Katrina

Occupation : Student

Location : Austin, TX

Question/Comment : you have a great site here! i am a geology major and a dino enthusiast and i enjoyed learning some new stuff.

[Thankyou! It's always nice to teach something new to people! DW]


Name : Richard Collins

Occupation : Student

Location : Newport, Wales

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : Google


Name : Elli

Occupation : student

Location : London

E-mail :

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : I work on the island

Question/Comment : Oi! Ive been working at Dinosaur Farm for years and I aint no mafiosa!

[Nice denial, if grammatically distressing. Fair enough, It's just a name, not an inference to links with organised crime! Please don't take offence! DW]


Name : Hannah

Occupation : Student

Location : Bristol

E-mail :

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : From the author

Question/Comment Very nice website, although after looking at the dinosaur descriptions I do have a craving for a Cadburys Crunchie. Mmm. Is that a scientific description for the inside of a dinosaur bone?

[Cadburys Crunchie is the official description for the internal structure of dinosaur bones under the official UK Comparative Descriptions Act of 1997, which also determined the Wales as a unit of deforestation! DW]


Name : Jon Hill

Occupation : Student

Location : Edinburgh

E-mail :

Web address :

Where did you hear about DinoWight? :

Question/Comment : Superb site, with some excellent dinosaur pics! Ive added a link from geoloyrocks if thats ok? :)

[No problem at all! Glad to hear you like it! I was actually referred to your website by Katie (Davis, co-designer of geologyrocks and fellow student at University of Bristol) I wish you all the luck in the world with your web-venture. DW]


Name : Jens

Location : Höxter/Nordrheinwestfalen, Germany

E-mail :

Web address :

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : At the Linklist at Trevors Essays (

Question/Comment : Hi! Very nice Site! Very good! The geology of the Isle of Wight - site was the best, I think. By, Jens

[Glad you like it! I must admit, as a palaeontologist I know less geology than I should, but I'm glad that my limited knowledge was enough to make you happy! So, Trevor sent you, nice to see he's now getting others to sign guestbooks for him! DW]


Name : cap

Location : ?

Occupation :?

E-mail : you know

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : the distant past

Question/Comment : Mmmm not bad interesting colours

[Ah, Hello Captain. Glad you could finally pop by. Glad you like the new look, well, at least find it interesting. DW]


Name : chris draper

Occupation : school

Location : pudsey leeds

E-mail : drapercw01

Web address : god knows

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : internet site

Question/Comment : hello and a big thankyou to letting my family stop on the caravan site in july 02 (? DW)

[Thank You for your greetings, but I think you meant to send this to Dinosaur Farm, as I do not own a caravan site! DW]


Name : Lloyd Runham

Location : Portsmouth

E-mail :

Where did you hear about DinoWight? : Sea-saur

Question/Comment : Hi Simon, long time..! Like the site - excellent! Still learning the odd interesting fact about dinosaurs. Hope all is well. Get in touch! Take care, Lloyd


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