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If you have a comment, request for information or simply want to say hello, e-mail DinoWight at:

Please do NOT just put "I need help" or "enquiry" in the subject heading. I get numerous e-mails from the alleged relatives of deposed Nigerian civil-servants with dodgy money-making schemes that have similar headings, and I am in the habit of deleting them straight away without reading them. Sometimes I look through them, and find an e-mail from a DinoWight reader, but this is very rare.

To prevent this, please include the word DinoWight at the start of the subject, with the D and the W capitalised, and you will definitely get a reply.

I will do my best to answer anybody's questions, but please remember that I will not answer questions in essay form by any deadline, so no getting me to do all your homework for you. E-mails will not be posted on the site, and the contents are private, unless you wish it to be posted or I ask permission.

Simon Clabb y 2008

It takes a lot of time and effort to complete a website, especially one that has to be up-to-date. I am opening out DinoWight to anyone who wishes to contribute pictures, descriptions or any general information.

If you think that you could do this, then send in your submissions, following the guidelines below, to the e-mail address above.


  • All article submissions must be in plain text, preferably in the main part of the e-mail. Text documents in attachments will be ignored. This is due to the possibility of viruses.
  • Pictures must be in JPEG format, and either sent as attachments or be stored on-line.
  • Please give your details in the following format

Name- (e.g. Bernie Fishnotes)
Location- (e.g. Dinosaurchester, Isle of Wight)
E-mail address (e.g.
URL (website address- if you have one)- (e.g.
Nature of contribution (e.g. picture, review, description, information, anecdote or whatever)
JPEG file name- (e.g. dinosaur.jpg)
Source of material- (e.g.
Then the review/description/information/anecdote/etc (e.g. The Isle of Wight is a good place to find dinosaurs)

  • Make sure it's relevant. The remit of DinoWight is the Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight. That means Dinosaur fossils, collecting, systematics, museums and guidebooks involving the Isle of Wight. It does not include quaternary or tertiary fossils, Walking with Dinosaurs, mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers, The Morrison Formation, Lyme Regis, The KT boundary, Jurassic Park, The Lost World or Jurassic Park III (though as this film was pants then I doubt anyone would want to!), Tyrannosaurus rex, the Natural History Museum in London, America or anywhere, Neanderthals or trilobites. There may be some mention of non-dinosaurian Mesozoic organisms, but only if they are relevant to dinosaurs. If you want to write about coprolites, then please do so, but only Isle of Wight ones. Basically, if it isn't from the Wealden group ('Titanosaurus' excepted), isn't from the Isle of Wight and doesn't have legs and a vertebral column then leave it alone.

Anything rude or offensive will NOT be included on the website. Not all material will be used, and DinoWight reserves the right to edit any submissions.


Due to misuse and the general hassle of deleting hundreds of junk posts, DinoWight no longer has a guestbook. However, all the old entries are still available to read.

Simon Clabb y 2008

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