The Taxonomic Nightmare that is Isle of Wight Brachiosaurs

There are three named genera of brachiosaur known from the Isle of Wight, Eucamerotus, Ornithopsis and Pelorosaurus, as well as an unnamed specimen. However, these are all known from different parts. Eucamerotus and Ornithopsis and "Angloposeidon" are known from vertebrae, albeit from different parts of the vertebral column, and Pelorosaurus is only known on the Isle of Wight from a humerus. This means that there is no way of truly knowing if these different parts are part of the same species. The discovery of the Barnes High Sauropod, which was being prepared out by the team at Dinosaur Farm Museum but is now being looked at by Dinosaur Isle, will hopefully help clear this up.

You can read more on this subject HERE.

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